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Judy Parfitt

... englische Schauspieler und andere berühmte Schauspieler aus Großbritannien & Irland

Judy Parfitt... geboren 1935 in Sheffield (Yorkshire, England, Vereinigtes Königreich / Großbritannien)

Judy Parfitt besuchte die Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) und begann ihre Karriere am Theater.

Zu den bekanntesten Fernsehrollen von Judy Parfitt gehören Mildred Layton in 'The Jewel in the Crown', Lady Catherine de Bourgh in 'Stolz und Vorurteil', Mrs. Clennam in 'Little Dorrit' und Sister Monica Joan in 'Call the Midwife'.

  • Aktuell (Letztes Update: Februar 2018)

  • Call the Midwife - Ruf des Lebens (seit 2012, TV)

    Up the Women*

    Fernsehserie. Comedyserie. BBC. Seit 2013.

    1910 entschließen sich die Frauen einer Handarbeitsgruppe, sich für das Frauenwahlrecht (Women's Suffrage) einzusetzen.

    Mit Judy Parfitt, Jessica Hynes, Vicki Pepperdine, Emma Pierson, Rebecca Front, Adrian Scarborough etc.

  • Mehr Judy Parfitt Filme, TV-Serien etc.:

  • A Man called Harry Brent (1965, TV)

    A Picture of Katherine Mansfield: Episode 1.5 (1973, TV)

    A Tale of two Cities (1980, TV)

    Act of Will: Episode 1.1 (1989, TV)

    Adam Adamant lives!: 'Black Echo' (1967, TV)

    Alice through the Looking Glass (1973, TV)

    Alleyn Mysteries: 'The Nursing Home Murder' (1993, TV)

    Angel Pavement (1967, TV)

    Armchair Theatre: 'Girl in a Bird Cage' und 'Quite an ordinary Knife' (1962 und 1967, TV)

    Asylum (2005)

    BBC Play of the Month: 'You never can tell' (1977, TV)

    BBC Sunday-Night Play: 'Dackson's Wharf' (1962, TV)

    BBC2 Playhouse: 'The Mind beyond: Stones' und 'The Unborn' (1976 und 1980, TV)

    Beautiful Day (2012, TV)

    Berkeley Square: 'Ladybird, Ladybird' (1998, TV)

    Biography: 'Beethoven' (1970, TV)

    Bon Voyage (1985, TV)

    Centre Play: 'Post Mortem' (1975, TV)

    Champions (1984, Sein größter Sieg)

    Covenant (1985, TV)

    Crown Court (1975 bis 1984, TV)

    David Copperfield (1966, TV)

    Dean Spanley (2008)

    Death of a Princess (1980, TV)

    Deceptions (1985, TV, Die Zwillingsschwestern)

    Diamond Crack Diamond (1970, TV)

    Diamond Skulls (1989)

    Dixon of Dock Green: 'A Woman named Julie', 'You just walk away' und 'The Attack' (1963 bis 1968, TV)

    Dolores Claiborne (1995)

    Dr. Finlay's Casebook: 'The whole Truth' (1964, TV)

    Drama 61-67: 'Myopia' (1967, TV)

    Element of Doubt (1996)

    ER (2000 bis 2002, TV, Emergency Room: Die Notaufnahme)

    EverAfter (1998, Auf immer und ewig)

    Eye of the Storm (1993, TV)

    Falling through (2000)

    Funland (2005, TV)

    Galileo (1975)

    Getting it right (1989, Das verflixte erste Mal)

    Girl with a Pearl Earring (2003, Das Mädchen mit dem Perlenohrring)

    Goodbye, my Love (1996)

    Hamlet (1969)

    Heartbeat: 'Danse Macabre' (2008, TV)

    Heartland: 'Repent at Leisure' und 'Alice trying' (1979, TV)

    Hearts of Gold (2003, TV)

    Heavy Weather (1995, TV)

    Hello Carter (2013)

    Hide and seek (1964)

    Holding the Baby: Episode 1.7 (1997, TV)

    It's dark outside: 'Specimens walk on their hind Legs, too' (1965, TV)

    ITV Play of the Week: 'Time and the Conways', 'Stories of D.H. Lawrence 7: Jimmy and the desperate Woman' und 'Plays of married Life 4: The bright Side' (1963 bis 1966, TV)

    ITV Playhouse: 'The Breadwinner' (1982, TV)

    Jonathan Creek: 'The grinning Man' (2009, TV)

    Journey to Murder (1971)

    Journey to the Unknown: 'Do me a Favor and kill me' (1968, TV)

    Jubilee: 'The white Elephant' (1977, TV)

    Just William: 'The School Report' (2010, TV)

    King Ralph (1991)

    Les Miserables (1967, TV)

    Little Dorrit (2008, TV)

    Londoners: 'Common Ground' (1965, TV)

    Love Story: 'Duggie' und 'My Brother Peter' (1966 und 1973, TV)

    Loving (1995, TV)

    Made in Heaven: 'A fair Mix-up' (1990, TV)

    Malice Aforethought: Episoden 1.1 und 1.2 (1979, TV)

    Marple: 'Greenshaw's Folly' (2013, TV)

    Maurice (1987)

    Medics: Episode 3.5 (1993, TV)

    Midnight's Child (1992, TV)

    Midsomer Murders - Inspector Barnaby: 'Death's Shadow' und 'Days of Misrule' (1999 und 2008, TV)

    Mr Pye (1986, TV)

    Murder in Mind: 'Mercy' (2001, TV)

    Murder, she wrote: 'From Russia... with Blood' (1989, TV, Mord ist ihr Hobby)

    Office Romances (1983, TV)

    Out of the Unknown: 'Time in Advance' (1965, TV)

    Play for Today: 'Edward G: Like the Filmstar' (1973, TV)

    Plays for Pleasure: 'The Concubine' (1981, TV)

    Poirot: 'Death on the Nile' (2004, TV)

    Pride and Prejudice*

    Stolz und Vorurteil. Miniserie. Dramaserie. BBC. 1980. Verfilmung des Romans von Jane Austen.

    Die berühmte Liebesgeschichte zwischen Elizabeth Bennet und Mr. Darcys.

    Mit Elizabeth Garvie, David Rintoul, Sabina Franklyn, Clare Higgins, Priscilla Morgan, Natalie Ogle, Osmund Bullock, Peter Settelen, Judy Parfitt etc.

    Public Eye: ' But the Joneses never get Letters' (1965, TV)

    Red Letter Day: 'Well, thank you, Thursday' (1976, TV)

    Rumpole of the Bailey: 'Rumpole and the honourable Member' (1978, TV)

    Saturday, Sunday, Monday (1978, TV)

    Secret Orchards (1979, TV)

    September (1996, TV, Rosamunde Pilcher: September)

    Shadows of Fear: 'The Death Watcher' (1971, TV)

    Shoulder to Shoulder: 'Lady Constance Lytton' (1974, TV)

    Silent Cries (1993)

    The Aryan Couple (2004)

    The Avengers: 'Bullseye', 'The white Elephant', 'Escape in Time' und 'Whoever shot poor George Oblique Stroke XR40?' (1962 bis 1968, TV, Mit Schirm, Charme und Melone)

    The Blackheath Poisonings (1992, TV)

    The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff: 'Christmas Special' (2011, TV)

    The Brack Report: Chapter 4 (1982, TV)

    The Chain (1984, Ein Umzug kommt selten allein)

    The Charmer: 'Gorse the Imposter' und 'Gorse at the End' (1987, TV)

    The Charmings (1987 bis 1988, TV)

    The Edwardians: 'E. Nesbit' (1972, TV)

    The Game (2014, TV)

    The Gravy Train (1990, TV, Der große Reibach) und The Gravy Train goes East (1991, TV)

    The Hunt (2001, TV)

    The Jewel in the Crown (1984, TV, Das Juwel der Krone)

    The Lifeboat: 'Troubled Waters' (1994, TV)

    The long Firm: 'Teddy's Story' (2004, TV)

    The Man in Room 17: 'First steal six Eggs' (1966, TV)

    The Marriage Lines: 'First House' (1966, TV)

    The Mind of Mr. Soames (1970, Das zweite Leben des Mr. Soames)

    The Moth Diaries (2011, Die Sehnsucht der Falter)

    The odd Man: 'Portrait of Caroline' (1963, TV)

    The Plane Makers: 'The blunt Approach' (1963, TV)

    The Protectors: 'Lena' (1973, TV, Kein Pardon für Schutzengel)

    The Queen and the Rebels: Episode 1.1 (1966, TV)

    The Return of the Borrowers (1993, TV)

    The Ruby Ring (1997, TV)

    The Saint: 'The persistent Patriots' (1967, TV, Simon Templar)

    The sentimental Agent: 'The Height of Fashion' (1963, TV)

    The Syndicate: Episode 1.2 (2012, TV)

    The ten Commandments: 'Husband and Friend' (1971, TV)

    The Wednesday Play: 'Tomorrow, just you wait' (1965, TV)

    Thirty-Minute Theatre: 'The Argument' (1972, TV)

    This Man Craig: 'A wise Father' (1966, TV)

    Two Stars for Comfort (1977, TV)

    Undermind: 'The new Dimension' (1965, TV)

    Vera: 'A certain Samaritan' (2012, TV)

    Villette (1970, TV)

    W.E. (2011)

    Weekend Playhouse: 'Grand Duo' (1984, TV)

    Wilde (1997)

    Yes, Minister: 'A Question of Loyalty' (1981, TV)

    Z Cars: 'Information received', 'The whole Truth' und 'But the crying' (1962 bis 1965, TV)

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